Steps to Paint a House Exterior

You can’t paint the outside of your home the same way you would paint the inside. There is a lot more grime and dirt that accumulates on the outside, and you have to be aware of weathering effects on the paint that you are applying.


Let’s look at a few things you can do to make your exterior painting efforts easier and more effective.


Start by Cleaning
You always want to clean the exterior of the house before you apply any paint. There could be years’ worth of dead bugs, dirt, grime, debris and more that has built up on the outside. Usually, you can take care of most of this with a simple hose wash. In some cases, you will need to pressure wash or even hand scrub parts of the house. Take a look at your home’s exterior before you start painting and try to determine how much work it will take to get it clean and what the best method will be to prepare the surface for paint.


Choose the Right Paint
The most important step to take in painting a house exterior is to get the right materials. If you use low quality paint, you may be saving money at first, but if you have to redo the paint job in a year or so, then that can cost you, and it is often more cost effective to get high quality paint up front. You get what you pay for when it comes to paint, as with anything else, so investing in the right kind of paint, even if it costs more up front, will pay off over time.


You also want to use a primer, in most cases, to prepare the surface for painting. The right kind of primer will ensure that your paint is protected and that it lasts a long time.


If you want a paint that’s easy to wash and is low maintenance, then you can go with satin or semi-gloss. For something that is good at hiding irregularities and imperfections in your house, you probably want to choose a flat finish.


Watch for Lead Paint
Any paint you buy today is going to be lead free, thanks to regulations that keep this harmful substance out of the products we use for exterior painting. However, if you have an old home with an old paint job, then there could be lead in the paint you are covering over or cleaning. It may not be on the top layer of paint either, so if you are chipping at paint, scrubbing down the house or just getting close and personal with your house’s current paint job, be warned that there could be lead in the paint.


You should be taking the proper precautions to ensure that you do not breathe it in or come into contact with any lead-based paint. You can wear protective gear to lower your risk and keep yourself safe as you paint your home.


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