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Unfortunately not all of us can live in a huge house and sometimes we have rooms that are smaller than we’d like. Small bathrooms are common and seeing as they are one of the more important rooms in your home it’s always nice to have a big one. Thankfully there is a great way to make your small bathroom appear and feel much bigger and all it takes is a new paint job.


Below we’ve outlined some tactics to help you get the most from your small bathroom. Always remember however that for best results you should just call a professional painters and decorators like Painterly.


Make sure that the colours you choose are light and not dark. Bright colours are great, but even plain old white or cream will work just as well. Brightly coloured surfaces make a room feel more open as light is allowed to bounce around the room more freely. Natural light filling up a room not only makes a room feel warmer and more enticing, but it will also feel less cramped too.


To make the effect of natural light even stronger we recommend a few colours specifically, they are: white, pearl, gray, pink or aqua. Any colours that are a shade of light green or light blue will work well too.


You don’t have to be boring and make all of your bathroom surfaces the same colour, but you should make sure that they are the same tone. So if you are using light coloured paint then also make sure that your floors or shower walls are also kept lightly coloured. Darker tones and contrasting colours will actually make everything look even smaller. Which is the exact opposite of what you want.


Following on from our previous advice, you should aim to make the entire bathroom feel like one continuous space. This is most important at the point where the wall meets the tiles of your shower. If the contrast here is too high then it will look bad and won’t give you the illusion of a larger room. Make sure they blend well.


Don’t forget about your ceilings either as they are also important. Often bathrooms have low ceilings. To combat this you should paint the ceiling the exact same colour as your walls. Most commonly, ceilings are painted white but this is a mistake unless the walls are also white. What this will do is cause your eye to stop at the point where the wall meets the ceiling which will make the ceiling seem lower.


Another way to make the ceilings seem higher and your walls seem taller is the old trick of painting vertical stripes on your walls. As before, make sure that there is not too much contrast in the colours. Just make the stripes a slightly darker shade of the main colour.


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If you are not too worried about making your ceilings seem taller or if they are already quite high then you can use the same trick to make them seem wider, by painting stripes horizontally instead of vertically.


Something that is also becoming more common is to accent certain areas with lighter coloured paint. For example, your doors, architraves, baseboards and window sills will benefit from being painted with a brighter colour than your walls.


If you want to be a bit bolder and feel that using the same low impact colours will not give you the unique bathroom look you desire then you can paint certain areas with a more dark colour without impacting the perception of size.


For example you can paint your radiator a brighter bolder colour or add colourful mats and shower curtain. If you want to go to the next level than you can make sure to colour your narrower walls in a lighter colour than the rest or paint in a curved fashion to make the ceilings extend further.


Thankfully for you the experts at Painterly already know all of these tricks and more. There’s no reason to feel cramped in your bathroom. We are the highest rated bathroom painters in Dublin including Blackrock and we can be contacted on 01 254 8255.