Interior And Exterior Painting Prices In Dublin

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If you are looking for a company to paint the interior or exterior of your home, looking for a cheap painting company would be a mistake. The key is to find the best value for your money, and Painterly offers just that. Good quality painters and their equipment cost and these companies are usually booked way in advance.

A company that offers prices that are well below the national average are most likely going to make up for that price by cutting down on materials and pains and using very low-quality products. Even worse, their painters probably aren’t vetted or insured, which could pose a huge risk to your home in more ways than one. If they get injured during the painting process, you will have to cover their medical costs and lost wages through your personal home insurance.

That is why Painterly offer the best painting prices in Dublin given the quality of materials we use, as well as the expertise of our vetted and insured staff. For a free, no-obligation quote you can reach out to our friendly agents at 01 907 9449.

How Are Painting Prices In Dublin Calculated

A few factors will affect the price of a paint job in Dublin. Some of the factors that can increase the cost of a painting job are:

Professional equipment required for the contract. This includes but is not limited to the scaffold, which has to be set up and taken apart after the work is done.

  • Complex designs
  • Using multiple colours
  • Difficult areas such as high ceilings and uneven surfaces. Different surfaces take different time to paint, and the length of the job will affect the price
  • Type and brand of paint
  • A number of coatings required for the surface.
  • Preparation time required for the painting process
  • The urgency of the paint job. Professional companies are always booked well in advance and if you want an expedited start to be prepared for a higher price
  • The time frame of the job. If you need the painting done within a certain time period, workers may have to paint overtime or work weekends and evenings, which will be included in the price.

In general, the price of exterior painting is more affordable as it usually involves painting simple surfaces with one or two different colours. Interior paint jobs are usually more complicated and lengthy as objects such as the furniture, windows, and doors slow the process down. Furthermore, different rooms are usually painted differently.

How To Find A Good Painter In Dublin

Now that you know how painting prices are calculated, you need to know how to choose the right painting company in Dublin. Make sure you find the company’s references online, either on websites such as Yelp or on their social media accounts. Make sure you request a copy of the company’s insurance.

The company should write the quote down with no fine print, so you know exactly how much each service included costs. This way you can find out if the price you got matches the competition. Some companies will offer a lower quote but later add additional costs for materials, clean-up or other services.

The only way to be safe and know you’re hiring real experts is to hire a company with experience and the right references like Painterly. Our staff is experienced, vetted, highly trained, insured and supervised.