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If you are looking for a company to paint the interior or exterior of your home, looking for a cheap painting company would be a mistake. The key is to find the best value for your money, and Painterly offers just that. Good quality painters and their equipment cost and these companies are usually booked way in advance.

A company that offers prices that are well below the national average are most likely going to make up for that price by cutting down on materials and pains and using very low-quality products. Even worse, their Dublin painters probably aren’t vetted or insured, which could pose a huge risk to your home in more ways than one. If they get injured during the painting process, you will have to cover their medical costs and lost wages through your personal home insurance.

That is why Painterly offer the best painting prices in Dublin given the quality of materials we use, as well as the expertise of our vetted and insured staff. For a free, no-obligation quote you can reach out to our friendly agents at 01 254 8255.

How To Find Professional Painters In Dublin

Now that you know how painting prices are calculated, you need to know how to choose the right painting company in Dublin. Make sure you find the company’s references online, either on websites such as Yelp or on their social media accounts. Make sure you request a copy of the company’s insurance.

The company should write the quote down with no fine print, so you know exactly how much each service included costs. This way you can find out if the price you got matches the competition. Some companies will offer a lower quote but later add additional costs for materials, clean-up or other services.

The only way to be safe and know you’re hiring real experts is to hire a company with experience and the right references like Painterly. Our staff is experienced, vetted, highly trained, insured and supervised.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Painting Companies in Dublin

  • How long have you been painting houses?
  • Is your license current?
  • Do you carry insurance?
  • Do you do the painting yourself or is it subcontractors?
  • Can I see references from prior jobs?
  • Is your work guaranteed and for how long?


Why Hire Us?

  • Over 30 years in operation
  • Stellar reputation
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Industry leading guarantees
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Fast, free, no-obligation quotes
  • Local, time served tradesmen
  • Large crews for commercial work
  • Health and safety a top priority
  • Thorough preparation and clean up

Get Your 5 Year Insurance-Backed Guarantee!

If you’re not happy with any of our painting services then we’ll come back and repaint for free!

But even better than that is our written, insurance-backed workmanship guarantees of up to 5 years. There is NO OTHER painting company in Dublin that offers anything as strong as this.


Actual Customer Reviews, Typos & All ;- )

David Carr
This is the second time I’ve hired Painterly. I had them paint the outside of a house we are trying to sell. They always works fast and have a very high standard of work.

Sally Mulryan
Great service from start to finish, everything went very smoothly.. I was even more impressed with the price.. Highly recommended.. Sally


How Are Painting Prices In Dublin Calculated

A few factors will affect the price of a paint job in Dublin. Some of the factors that can increase the cost of a painting job are:

Professional equipment required for the contract. This includes but is not limited to the scaffold, which has to be set up and taken apart after the work is done.

  • Complex designs
  • Using multiple colours
  • Difficult areas such as high ceilings and uneven surfaces. Different surfaces take different time to paint, and the length of the job will affect the price
  • Type and brand of paint
  • A number of coatings required for the surface.
  • Preparation time required for the painting process
  • The urgency of the paint job. Professional companies are always booked well in advance and if you want an expedited start to be prepared for a higher price
  • The time frame of the job. If you need the painting done within a certain time period, workers may have to paint overtime or work weekends and evenings, which will be included in the price.

In general, the price of exterior painting is more affordable as it usually involves painting simple surfaces with one or two different colours. Interior paint jobs are usually more complicated and lengthy as objects such as the furniture, windows, and doors slow the process down. Furthermore, different rooms are usually painted differently.

How Much do Painters Charge to Paint a Room?

The average costs of an average room size can range from €250-€500. When estimating the cost the painters will need to see how much paint will be required to complete the room. To calculate this, they will need to know the die of the area using a standard width times length formula to calculate the size of the room. This is not a wholly accurate estimate as the painters will still need to subtract the windows and doors and they must account for the ceiling trim and skirting boards.

By the Painter’s Speed

Here’s where an recommended house painter can actually save you money. Painters & decorators with a higher degree of experience can cover walls faster generally speaking. If mistakes are made this can add to the time on the invoice. Please consider the time for the first coat of paint to dry before the second coat will be applied. This can be as soon as a few hours or all the way up to two days depending on the type of paint.

Multiple Rooms or the Entire House?

One tip here is to choose colors that are similar to each other without being exactly the same. Painting costs may be vary quite a bit with color, room sizes, and gloss. A whole house color option presents the same cost issues as multiple rooms do. If you want the house to be uniform even better this will save you money on the whole job.

Our Certifications

  • NVQ Level 3 Painting Qualifications (Decorative Finishing)
  • CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Cards
  • Safe Pass
  • Public/Employers Liability Insurance
  • First Aid Training
  • Aerial Lift Certified
  • Work at Heights (WAH) Qualified
  • SSSTS Qualified
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Contract Works Insurance


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    Tips for Saving on Dublin Painting Costs

    Get Competing Bids

    Find recommended painters through trusted websites such as this one or family and friends.

    Dublin Painters and Decorators Working

    Ask a painter to quote you based on how many hours they will spend on painting, preparation work, brand name of the products used, the quantity of coats to be applied, and lastly the average additional costs. When getting three bids you will be able to get a better feel for which painter is the right fit for your home.

    Utilize a Service Contract

    Oftentimes homeowners will make a verbal agreement over the phone instead of getting it in writing. This can lead to unexpected charges later when the painter left out certain items on the initial quote.

    Do Some of the Prep Work

    This should be done with the approval of the house painter that you’ve hired. However, if you’ve gotten approval many professional painters will be glad to give you a discount off the labor if you’ll remove furniture and other hardware away from the walls. It’s also possible to cut down on charges if you’ll wash, tape trim, or cover the carpet and flooring without them having to do it.

    Save with Volume

    Planning on repainting the interior and exterior at some point in the future? Many Dublin painters will give you a discount for a large amount of work instead of that one small bedroom the kids have scratched up. Doing the painting in individual rooms may well cost quite a bit more instead of bundling it all together.

    Why Using Cheap Painters is a Bad Idea

    A common mistake that many people make in the contracting world in general. That too good to be true price is often just that! Typically these ultra low rates will not pay off in the long run as the company will cut corners and compromise the quality and craft of the job. Hiring professional painters will save you headache in the long run but let’s have a look at the downsides of hiring cheap Dublin painters.

    • Inexperienced painters
    • Workers with little to no former experience
    • Lack of insurance
    • Cheap materials or inferior products
    • Watered down painting mix
    • Premium paint mixed in with cheap paint.
    • Number of paint coats
    • Wall repair

    Frustrated at their painting costs.

    Many unscrupulous house Dublin painters and decorators will use common bait and switch tactics such as withholding work out of the initial bid for a so called teaser rate. Then when on the job the painter or decorator will say that the wall needs a third coat of paint or will point out repairs needed that were not in the initial scope.

    To avoid such unpleasantness it’s better to hire an experienced painter in Dublin that has been in the business for awhile. The industry has a notoriously high turnover so make sure someone has been in business for at least a year or two to protect your home. Using Painterly’s approved painters and decorators can make this easier for you.

    Using Painterly’s Approved Painters and Decorators

    We’ve created this site to help you avoid many of the common pitfalls homeowners encounter when hiring painting companies. We hold our painters to the highest industry standards and those that don’t uphold our criteria are excluded from our directory. To get quotes from our painters today please fill out the above form or call 01 254 8255.


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