Interior Paint Colours for Your Dublin Home

Choosing the right colours for your home is incredibly important. If you make the wrong choice it might not be something you can afford repair for quite a while. So you should take your time and choose wisely. This is probably the trickiest part of interior painting and decorating.


The right colours can completely lift your mood when you enter a room. They can allow the sun to bounce off each surface. The wrong colours can have the opposite effect however. They can make you feel down and depressed. Every colour has its very own pros and cons. The colours you choose can actually have a profound effect on your state of mind.


Bright colours like creams, whites and yellow can illicit feelings of joy and happiness. They also help light bounce around your home. Blue is a great colour for creating feelings of calmness, serenity and security. This is why bank uniforms are often blue. However too much blue can in fact make you feel down (getting the blues).


Residential Interior or Exterior Painting Colour Consultation

So as you can see one of the most important tasks for you, is deciding what colours you would like us to use. Thankfully we are experts at helping people decide and we are happy to have a sit down with you and discuss all your various options. Our interior painters can help you with colour selection and can give you advice on which paint type would be best for your home. There are many house paint colour schemes available and we always find a combination that is perfect for each home and for the tastes of each of our clients.


There is one main thing to bear in mind when choosing colours. You must think about how the will match other colours in the room. There are three main colour matching schemes. These three styles listed below are the most common:


Complementary Colour Scheme

This is the key to creating rich, exciting and uplifting colour palettes. Typically the colours chosen will be high contrast.


Monochromatic Colour Scheme

This is where the colours are the same but vary in saturation.


Analogous Colour Scheme

This is where you combine two or three similar but slightly different colours.


Thankfully choosing colours for exterior house painting is much easier as they are much more basic and less varied than interior. This means it should be easier to decide on your colours (at least in theory!).


Whatever you decide we promise to give you a paint job that makes you smile every time you see it.


If you are ready to get your free colour consultation for interior or exterior painting then call Painterly Dublin today on 01 254 8255.