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Painterly always aim to offer the best pricing but remember that you get what you pay for! The cheapest company is never going to produce the best quality of work. That’s because good quality painters can’t be hired cheaply. They must be paid very well as they are in short supply.

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Also if you are being given a very low quote then you can be guaranteed that the company is gong to be using poor quality paints and materials. Not only that, but they likely aren’t even insured. So if one of their painters falls and hurts themselves they wont be covered and it’ll be you and your home insurance that will need to pay out for the painters medical bills or lost wages due to time off work!

We don’t aim to be the cheapest but we do aim to provide the highest quality at the very fairest prices.

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Painterly House Painting Prices Dublin

There are quite a few things that will effect your price. Here is a brief list:

  • Special equipment that is required such as scaffolding, will add cost due to extra time taken for assembly and taking it own after.
  • Intricate designs.
  • The use of many different colours.
  • Difficult to paint surfaces such as pebble dashing or very high ceilings.
  • The type of paint you wish to use, some brands are more expensive than others.
  • The number of coats needed. Some surfaces need more than one coat. This is also true if painting a light colour over a dark one.
  • The amount of preparation work required before hand.
  • How soon you want it done. The best companies are always in high demand. If you want your job started sooner you’ll need to pay a premium.
  • If you need your home painted within a certain time frame this may incur extra cost as more equipment and more painters are needed, they’ll also have to work for much longer hours.
  • If you want it done at a non-standard time such as in the evenings or on a Sunday.
  • The area of the surfaces that need painting are also of course a huge determining factor in the overall price. The longer it takes to to paint a particular area the more expensive it will be.

House exteriors are almost always cheaper as they are often more straightforward and use very few different colours. Inside paint jobs are often much more time consuming due to the trickiness and slow sped of painting things like doors, skirting boards, window sills etc. Also with inside paint jobs there are typically more colours used as people like to have separate colours for each room.

How to Choose a Painter

Deciding which painter to go with is an important decision.

You should always begin by checking out their reviews on Facebook and Google, as they will give you a good idea of how the painter operates. Also ask to see a copy of their insurance so that you are protected.

Make sure that the entire quote is written down specifically, so that you know exactly what is included and what dates it will be started and completed on. This also makes it easy to compare quotes. Otherwise you may go with one company believing them to be cheaper only to realise they hadn’t quoted you for the cost of any materials or they haven’t agreed to clean up after themselves and will be expecting you to do it instead.

Some companies may also try to use cheaper and lower quality paints to save money and make more profit. So again having all of this in writing will protect you.

The best way to speed up the process of getting your home painted is to hire a reliable and trustworthy Dublin painter like Painterly. Not only are all of our painters and decorators highly trained and experienced, but they are also stringently vetted, background checked and our supervisors routinely check their work to make sure that their quality is always high.

Only a fraction of the people who apply to work with us ever get hired.

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