Kitchen Cupboards and Cabinets Painting in Dublin

If you are looking for a fresh makeover for your kitchen, then don’t go and spend a huge amount of money pulling out all your presses and cabinets. Instead hire Painterly to revamp your kitchen with our spray painting service.


We will help touch up damaged or dreary kitchen cabinets and make your kitchen wonderful again. It’s a quick and very affordable way to refurbish your kitchen without having to buy a completely new one!


Affordable and Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painters


The great thing is that painted kitchen cabinets will look as good as brand new ones if done correctly. Also to further the remodel you can combine the freshly painted cupboards with new handles to make it look completely different than it did before.


There are a few different options available to you when it comes to choosing the finish.


Melamine latex paint will give you a hard wearing and washable finish. This is perfect for kitchens that get a lot of traffic.


Waterborne Pearl also offers a great finish and is a replacement for older and less environmentally friendly oil-based paints.


Cabinet Coat is our most popular as it has a superior finish and is very durable. It provides excellent cover and as it mixes with pro paint additives, the finish is so smooth that you won’t see any brush strokes.


Painterly offers professional kitchen cupboard painting and other related painting services in Dublin. Give us a call on 01 254 8255, email us at [email protected], fill out our contact form here.


Customer Testimonial


“Oisin and his team did such a great job on my mother’s kitchen. They arrived on time and Vincent walked us through the full process on the first day. All of the guys worked very hard and they also left the place surprisingly clean afterwards. I’ll definitely be using Painterly again.” – Leanne Doherty – Ranelagh