Garden Fence Painting Contractor

You must take care of your garden fences as poorly maintained fences will end up looking very bad after just a short amount of time.


The can quickly start to become black, both from rot and from becoming covered in a thick layer of mould and mildew. Besides looking terrible, this will accelerate the rotting process. If you don’t keep fences, gates, doors and other wooden surfaces clean and freshly painted or stained then they can also chip and snap with ease. At that stage the only thing left to do will be to tear them down and get them rebuilt from scratch. That’s something we definitely want to avoid.

You should also of our other garden painting services including patio and deck staining.


Fence Staining and Painting in Dublin From Painterly


Painterly’s process for refinishing your fences and gates is quite simple. First we will power wash the surfaces to remove any dirt and grime. If there is mould and mildew buildup then we will also rinse them with a special solution. This is quite powerful and works wonders. But it is also safe for your garden and most importantly your family.


After we let it all dry we can finish off any prep work. This can vary from job to job but may include filling any crack or holes, applying sealant or sanding the surfaces. Finally we will apply a couple of coats of high quality deck stain or paint.


Depending on what effect you are looking for you can choose between a semi transparent, clear or solid wood stain. The semi transparent stain will allow you to see the grain of your timber. The clear wood stain will just provide protection from the sun and rain and will not alter the colour of the wood. And the solid wood stain will cover the timber completely in a thick colour similar to wall paint. There are pros and cons to all of these finishes however. If you opt for the semi transparent stain then it will only last for half as long and can begin to fade quickly in particularly poor weather. A solid stain will eventually begin to peel.


Fences don’t require as much work as patios or decks do as they are a little more protected from the harsh elements but they still need semi-regular maintenance to stay looking their best. Painterly can paint or stain any type of fence including the most common picket fence and privacy fences.


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