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Garage floor painting is becoming more and more popular. Most peoples garages are dirty, dusty and the floors are usually the worst part. But if you get the right finish then it can be a very hard wearing surface that is easy to clean.


Painting your garage or shed floor is also a fairly inexpensive way to spruce it up nicely.


A painted floor is better than a bare concrete floor, as oil from cars and other things such as mould and mildew can be cleaned off much more easily. It also becomes easier to sweep or even mop and you don’t get the dust buildup that you will with a bare concrete floor.


There are two types of paint that you can decide to use. The first is standard latex acrylic and the second is epoxy paint.


The latex paint is certainly cheaper but it also isn’t as durable and can start to chip off after only a very short period of time. Typically you can expect to get two years of use before it needs to be painted again. However epoxy paint is designed for floors so it is much more durable. You can expect to get up to 4 years of use before you’ll need to repaint it.


We would recommend also using a primer. A simple concrete and masonry bonding primer is all you need and of course your epoxy concrete paint.


The first stage in our preparation is to clean the floor. The best way is to use a power washer. This will blast away all the built up dirt and grime with ease. We can also add a degreaser if needed. If for some reason using a power washer in your garage in Lucan is not an option we can also use a hard bristled brush and hose pipe to scrub away the dirt. However this is a lot slower and much harder to get a deep clean.


Next step is to fill in any holes or cracks. This is a relatively quick job and shouldn’t take long.


We may need to etch your concrete floor before painting which requires one of our commercial concrete etching machines. There is a very easy test that will do do to see if your floor needs etching. Drop some water onto the floor, if it pools on the surface then using an etcher is highly recommended. But if it absorbs rather fast, then we are okay to proceed.


As stated above, for porous concrete, using a primer is recommended. This will help adhesion of the paint to the concrete resulting in a more durable finish. It’s quick and easy to apply. We simply use a roller and then a brush around the edges. It dries clear. We’ll need to leave at least 5 hours for it to dry properly.


Now it’s time to finally apply the epoxy paint. Again this should go on easily and we will use either a roller or brush depending on what part of the floor we are painting.


We always use two coats as we find that gives the best long-term results. We always make sure that the second coat is applied at a 90 degree angle to first coat.


After finishing up you’ll need to be patient in letting it dry. You can get away with walking on it after a day or so but you really shouldn’t drive on it for at least a week.


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