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Probably the most difficult part of having your bedroom painted is choosing the actual colours. This is an important task as painters are not cheap to hire and so if you get it wrong then you might have to live with it for quite some time before you can afford to get it repainted. So it is essential that you take your time and get it right.


We’ve quizzed our paint consultants here at Painterly in Dublin and assembled this guide to help you in your task.


Master Bedroom

The colours you choose should change depending on what exact room it is that you are getting painted. For example in a bedroom you spend most of your time in there sleeping so it’s wise to go with soothing colours such as light shades of green and blue or even some light grays.


If you are the type that struggles to get out of bed in the mornings however, it can be a good idea to paint your walls in bright, energising colours like yellow and red. This can give you an energy boost when you need it most.


A very good rule of thumb that goes for any room, is to keep the walls and major surfaces in neutral colours. That doesn’t mean paint it in some boring plain colours though. A top interior decorating recommendation is to save the darker bolder colours for accent pieces such as pillows and other furniture. This will stop the darker colours from overwhelming the room, but still give a nice contrast in the right places.


If you live in a warm climate then you can use a cool trick to actually make yourself feel cooler and thus make it easier to sleep at night. Use cool colours like purple, green and blue. If you are the type that is energetic and struggle to switch off and relax then this will also help. Make sure you don’t use very bright colours though or this will have the effect of making you even more energised.


Here are a few of our favourite bedroom colour combinations: Terracotta paint on the walls with an earthy tone for your quilt. Bright yellow on your walls accented with white. Deep red walls, with gold and black accent pieces can also work wonderfully. For light sleepers you can go with an off-white cream for your walls with a soft green duvet followed by a dark orange/yellow pillows and accent pieces around the room.


Children’s Room


For children’s rooms you also want to pay special attention to the colours you decide to use. One important thing to note is that children don’t just sleep in their room but also play in there a lot too, so you need to strike a balance between your colours.


The best strategy is to go with fairly neutral colours such as light blues, grays and pinks. Then you can use different accessories in much bolder colours. As your child’s tastes grow you can make drastic alterations to the room by simply swapping out the pillows, duvets or giving some of the furniture a quick spray paint to alter the colour.


Guest Bedroom

For your guest bedrooms painting there’s no need to go overboard. You may notice that most hotels and guesthouses use neutral, boring colours for walls and surfaces. This is because its the safest option and appealing to the most amount of people. Remember again that using simple, light colours doesn’t mean the room is destined to be boring. A common trick is to use a textured paint to add a little uniqueness to a wall.


Painting vertical or horizontal strips in a slighty darker shade of paint works wonderfully as well. You can enhance the effect by making the stripes a glossy point instead of the usual matte finish. Faux painting is another option.


For a more Pinterest inspired design idea, you may decide to paint a favourite quote or passage from a poem or book onto the wall as well.


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