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The ceiling is an important but often overlooked part of painting the ceilings inside a house. Over time it will begin to discolour and become dull and drab. Things like leaking pipes, overflowing bathtubs or sinks, smoke from cigars, cigarettes or fireplaces and other stains can begin to accumulate and look nasty.


If you are planning on painting a room in Dun Laoghaire then don’t forget the ceiling otherwise it will ruin a perfectly good job. Depending on how discoloured your ceiling is, you my not be able to fix your problems with just plain old paint. If it has become badly yellowed over the years then you’ll need to use a stain-blocking primer first.


The most common is white shellac. You can apply this with a brush, roller or even with a spray can. The typical and recommended steps to painting over a ceiling that is badly yellowed, say form cigar or cigarette smoke, is to use one coat of shellac and then paint with a standard latex paint as normal.


To ensure a good connection between the paint and the ceiling, it is always s good idea to use a very fine grade of sandpaper first. This will just create enough roughness for better paint bonding. Afterwards simply use a damp cloth to remove any dust that remains.


The biggest mistake that beginning painters in Dun Laoghaire make is to have lap marks. This can be obvious with thicker paints and can cause some areas to be darker or lighter. To get that smooth coat of paint you are better off operating in about 4-5 ft squares and keep quickly moving from one area to the next. It’s important that the paint hasn’t had a chance to dry before you begin painting the adjoining area.


Another good tip for maximum coverage is to re-roll the same square area at a right angle straight afterwards.


Ceiling paint comes in many different varieties, but the most common types (and the one you should buy) will not splatter, it will dry slower than regular wall paint and it will be a matte finish.


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Don’t be afraid to experiment with using colours other than white on your ceiling. It can have a dramatic effect on a room, making low ceilings seem higher or high ceilings seem lower, giving the effect of a larger or more intimate room as required.


If you plan on painting yourself don’t be fooled by the salesperson in the store. While it’s a good idea to pay extra for top quality paint, it’s not necessary to buy very expensive brushes or poles. However one piece of equipment that will make a large different is the rollers that you use. Professional always opt for a lambswool roller cover. They will allow you to get the thickest layer of paint onto your ceiling in the shortest possible time. They are more expensive but if taken care of they can last for much longer as they are more durable and also easier to clean.


If your ceiling is textured then you may have a little more trouble. If you try to paint it directly then you might find the the water loosens the texture and it begins to fall off. If it’s been painted before however, then you are fine to go ahead.


The ideal way to paint these is to spray the paint on, but of course this will require hiring a professional.


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