Cleaning Up After Exterior Home Painting

Painting your home can leave behind a big mess, if you don’t plan properly or you aren’t sure what you are doing. This can be a great DIY project, but if you know how to minimize your mess, then you will greatly reduce your workload. We are going to share a few tips that can help make everything a lot easier for you especially if you are in Dublin.


Buy Only What You Need
You don’t have to end up with a bunch of paint you don’t need. One way to only buy enough paint and no more, is to just buy it as you need it, but that is unnecessarily complicated and a major inconvenience, if you have to travel far to buy your paint. Instead, we suggest measuring how much surface you want to paint and then buying just enough paint for that kind of coverage. You can read on the can of paint you are buying how much surface area it is meant to cover.


Painterly also recommend that you take into consideration how many coats you need for painting your house exterior you want to put on.


Clean as You Make Messes
If you want to avoid a lot of scrubbing and washing later on, you need to clean up mistakes and messes as you make them. If you spill paint on your patio as you are painting the side of your house, be sure to wash it off right away, while the paint is still wet. You can keep a hose handy for just such a problem.


If you get paint on the windows or other parts of the house exterior that you don’t want paint on, the hose may not be the most practical solution. That’s why you should keep a bucket of water and a clean rag handy to deal with these situations. Be sure to clean up any mess as you notice it and check over your work as you finish each side. That way, you can handle problems as they arise instead of dealing with dried, stubborn paint later on.


Deal with Leftover Paint
Even if you are careful with how much paint you are buying, you may still have some paint left over. You need to dispose of it or store it properly in order to protect yourself and the environment. You also don’t want it to go to waste.


The simplest solution may be to donate it someone you know who may be painting their house next. If you have a lot of paint left after you are finished, you may try donating it to a charitable organization.


To store paint, be sure to follow the instructions on the container. The paint should be fully sealed and usually kept at about room temperature. So, keeping it outside in a shed that isn’t well insulated may not be enough protection to preserve it.


To dispose of the paint, you should give it to a hazardous waste program (if it is solvent-based) or dry it out with cat litter or some other absorbent substance (if it is latex-based).


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