Painting and Decorating Your Dining Room

Your dining room is one of the most important rooms to paint inside your home. It is usually used quite often. Also it’s a room that almost every single guest will see. There are a lot of considerations that need to go into choosing which colours or designs to use.


First you need to ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. Is this its own standalone room or part of an open-plan kitchen or sitting room?


If it flows into another area of your home then you will want to continue the styling through all of the connected rooms. Also its important to remember the specific colours and patterns that you use on your walls, ceilings and trim can make a room seem larger and more spacious or smaller and more intimate. You can also go for a very uncluttered and modern, clean, fresh look or a more homely, warm vibe that will usually mean darker tones and shades.


There are too many different colours and styles for us to list them all here but there are countless websites available for this very purpose. We would recommend that you use either an eggshell or matte paint. This will give a very professional and elegant look to your dining room.


If you are looking for a finish that is less formal however, then you can go with a satin finish as that will result in a surface that is easier to clean and has a very minimal, but eye-catching shine.


Obviously we would recommend hiring a professional paint company in Ballsbridge like Painterly  to make sure that everything goes according to plan. But if you are absolutely sure that you’d like to do it yourself then you can also use this guide.


Below is the plan that we always follow when painting our client’s dining rooms.


Make sure that everything in the room that can be moved, is put into a separate room. This will make everything faster and smoother.


Remove all paintings, mirrors, light fixtures, light switch covers and any other electrical covers or vents. Anything that remains needs to be thoroughly covered using a thick plastic tarpaulin. You can get these cheaply in any hardware store. Don’t be lazy in this step. Make sure that each sheet is reliably taped to the next one so that there are no spaces or holes that paint may still slip thorough.


If there are any holes or cracks that have developed on the walls then they should be filled now. This is a relatively straightforward job assuming the cracks and holes are small. The only concern here will be making sure that you give the mixture enough time to dry.


After cleaning all of the remaining surfaces and making sure everything is thoroughly dried you can being one of the most important and often overlooked jobs. You must prime your walls before you apply the top coat, otherwise you’ll never get the professional finish you are looking for.


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Next you should paint your skirting boards, then your architraves and finally your window sills, in that order.


Then use a roller to paint the ceiling. Don’t use too much pressure and paint in 5×5 foot squares, making sure to go along the same direction back and forth. Also make sure that you maintain a “wet edge”, which means to continue onto the next adjoining 5x5ft area while the paint from the first area, is still wet. This will allow you to avoid areas that are darker/lighter and also will stop certain areas having noticeably thicker paint.


To paint the walls, paint a 4 foot wide W on the walls and then fill in the W. Continue until all the walls are completed.


At this stage you may want to carry on with the paint scheme down to the finer details including the light switch covers etc. If you do wish to paint them then use a spray paint that is suitable for the surface material in question.


Once you’ve given the paint enough time to dry you can bring everything back inside and start enjoying your new dining room.


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