Door Painting in Dublin by Painterly

Doors are one of the most important parts of a room as they are continuously being used and thus looked at.


Always bear in mind that for the absolute best results you should hire a professional door painting service like Painterly.


However if you wish to have a go yourself then this guide will prove invaluable to you.


One of the biggest mistakes that people make is probably borne out of laziness. Most people want to leave the door on its hinges as they paint it. However if you want a long lasting quality result the you must unscrew the hinges and take the door down so that it can be painted flat instead. This also has the effect of preventing you from getting paint where it shouldn’t be, like the walls and door architraves, and it will prevent paint drip as well.


The first step after taking the door down is to wash it with warm soapy water. Remove the dirt and grime that has built up so that the paint is able to stick to the door properly. Pay special attention to the door handle or knob as this is where dirt tends to be concentrated.


Make sure to let everything dry thoroughly before moving onto the next step. If the door is old and has been painted many times then you’ll need to scrape the old layers off, otherwise the paint buildup will cause the door to stick in the jamb when you open and close it. If the door is fairly new or has only been painted a handful of times then you can skip this step and get away with just sanding the door instead. There’s no need to us ea high grade sandpaper as we are not looking to remove layers of paint here. We just want to rough the surface up somewhat to create better adhesion between the paint and the doors surface.


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The next stage is to fill in any holes or damaged areas. Scratches from animals are common flaws that can be remedied using a filler. There are many different types depending on what your door is made of and how large the hole or crack is. Don’t be lazy and think that the smaller holes or scratches will be filled in with the new coat of paint. All the new paint will do is actually highlight the imperfections making them look even worse than they do now.


Primer is something that you may be able to get away without using depending on the previous finish of the door. If it’s very good then you don’t need it but we always use it anyways as it really guarantees a great finish. It will block stains and make the new paint stick much better. This is especially important on parts of the door that have been filled as they are porous and the paint will just absorb into the filler leaving an obvious difference in texture. When primed beforehand, the mark will be invisible after the top coat is applied.


True professionals will take a another closer look at the door after it has been primed and look for any minor imperfections that are now more easily visible. If there are some you can take care of them, if not you can move onto the next stage.


Again sand the entire door, but don’t go crazy. Use a very light sandpaper and don’t apply too much pressure. Use a lightly dampened rag to remove any dust that accumulates. After that dries, you are ready to apply your top coat.


For the perfect finish good inside house door painting services don’t use brushes as it’s virtually impossible to prevent brush marks. The best piece of equipment for this job is a foam roller. There are small ones perfectly designed for doors. They will apply the paint uniformly without any brush strokes. After the first coat has dried you should sand lightly again and wipe with a damp rag again. Then apply the second and final top coat.


It’s important that you give your door ample time to dry before putting it back on its hinges. If you do it too soon the paint might stick to the door jamb. Remember that even if the paint is dry to the touch it may not be properly “dried”. So give it a few days just to be absolutely sure. Or if you do put it on its hinges, don’t close it fully until a few days have passed.


Even something that seems straightforward like painting a door, can be a time consuming and tricky process. Why not just let the professionals in Dublin take care of it instead? Call Painterly on 01 254 8255 today to get your doors painted perfectly.