Top Rated Hallway Painting Service

So you’ve decided to paint your hallways a brand new colour. You want to revitalise your tired old walls and ceilings and inject some new colour and life into them. That’s great and we’d love to help you make the most of it.


Your hallways are so important to the overall look and feel of your home as they tie everything together. They connect your different rooms and set the tone of the entire home.


It isn’t just as simple as picking some random colour and painting away (or having a professional painter do it for you like Painterly).


  • There are a lot of different design considerations to be made. Does your hallway get a lot of light or is it a bit darker than the rest of your home?
  • What are the colours of the rooms that are connected to your hallways?
  • Are you going to be hanging anything on your walls?
  • Do you have light fixtures and again what design and colour are they?
  • Do you have low or high ceilings?
  • What colour are your curtains or do you have blinds etc?
  • What type of flooring do you have? Wooden, carpeted or something else entirely? If its carpeting then are you planning on replacing it as well. If not you’ll need to make sure that your new paint colour matches your carpet or its not going to look very inviting at all.


There’s a lot to consider and take into account but it’s important that you take your time when going through them. To help you along we will give you some recommendations on different colour schemes that are very popular right now in Rathfarnham.


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If your hallway gets only a little bit of light then you should refrain from using any dark colours or tones at all as this will make the rooms even darker. Lighter colours help bounce sunlight off the different walls. Remember that light and especially sunlight is an important part of feeling good. So maximising natural light is super important in all cases no matter what room in the house you are painting.


We commonly recommend to instead keep the bold designs for individual rooms. Make sure each rooms has some bold centerpiece and a theme. But for your hallways, keeping everything minimal in colour and decorating is a very smart choice. Neutral colours are very popular and for good reason.


Depending on the kind of feel you are going for in your home, different colour combinations will work better than others.


If you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere then a grayish blue colour as your main wall paint can look great. To top it off you can go for a light gray on the accent pieces and architraves etc. If you have wooden floors or are planning on getting them installed then a warm mahogany goes excellent with this color combination.


Maybe you are looking for a warmer, cosy vibe though. If that’s the case then an off-white cream with teal accent pieces works wonderfully. White on its own is often considered to be cold and uninviting but if used sparingly on baseboards and architraves paired with an off white or light almond colour, it can look wonderful.


Getting the paint choices for your hallways is very important. Painterly have been providing a top rated hallway painting service in Dublin for a very long time. We have hundreds of very satisfied customers. Why not give us a call on 01 254 8255?