Home Office Painting in Dublin

If you are someone who works from home a lot then having your very own private home office space can be an absolute godsend. It allows you the space you need to focus on the tasks at hand, free from distractions. However when creating this peaceful den in Clontarf it’s important that you put a lot of thought into the design of the room. This will be a part of your home that you will be spending a large amount of time in and so it needs to perfectly suited to your needs. The colours are especially important as different tones and shades of different colours can evoke different feelings and emotional responses in different people. Making use of Painterly’s interior painting service is also smart here.


That means that the way in which your home office is designed can have a huge impact on your ability to actually concentrate, focus and get work done.


When done correctly, your office can change how you feel which in turn creates a more positive mindset and attitude, leading to more success.


Of course your colour choices will also need to be tweaked to what kind of work you do. Red is an energetic colour which increase our heart rates whereas blue is calming and relaxing. If you are a sales person you may go for a lightly toned yellow room that hints of bright red. Or if you went with the very common blue themed room then adding some accented yellow pieces would help stop the feeling of being blue. (Too much blue can actually make you feel sad). The added yellow helps encourage more focus and concentration.


Make sure that you don’t go crazy with two many colours though. Two colours that are in balance and don’t overpower each-other, usually works perfectly.


Besides the colour, you also have to take into consideration how the specific type of paint you choose can effect you as well. For example a paint that is highly glossy tends to bring about a higher level of energy.


Also from a concentration and health perspective make sure you are using paints that have no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as these are very harmful to your health.


If you do also have an office that you sometimes work from that is outside your home, resist the common urge to have them both decorated in the same manner. Separate and distinct colours and designs will help create a very obvious mental difference between the too locations, helping you focus more.


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Below we have outlined the most common designs and colour schemes for the most common types of home office.


1) Creativity – For creative types we love a vibrant teal accented with a brilliant white trim.


2) Energy – For more energy and intensity, bright colours like red and orange are excellent. But painting the walls in these colours will end up being too much. Instead go for a more muted orange, peach type colour and then use bolder orange accent pieces instead.


3) Relaxation – If you need your office space to be a place of peace and tranquility then you can never go wrong with blue. Beware of going too dark on the tone of blue that you use as it can be too much and end up preventing you from getting any work done at all. A turquoise usually works best.


4) Intensity – If you are use to doing deals and selling on the phone then your office must utilise the colour red correctly. Bold and rich red accent pieces like lamp shades, pieces of furniture, cushions or even rugs work wonderfully.


5) Modern – If you are really into the modern look then you can even go with black for accent pieces. When done correctly the sharp contrast of white and black can work wonderfully but beware that it only works well when done in a room that has large amounts of natural light.


6) Inspiration – A violety-blue mix is great for being relaxing enough to let your creative juices flow but also allowing you to stay focused on the important details.


7) Serious – The great thing about home offices is that you can tailor them to your very specific tastes no matter what they happen to be. You can break all the design rules if you wish. For instance why not go for a darker more smoking-club type vibe, with lots of gray colours, black leather chairs and dark toned woods?


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