How to Paint a Living Room Like The Experts

One of the most important parts of the house is the living room. Why? Most, if not all, events and occasions occur in this room. This is where you receive your guests. Meetings and even simple family bonding happens here. Don’t you think it is but fair to make sure this is well-kept? Have you ever thought of doing a makeover for your living room? Then start with Painting them!


Things to Consider Before You Start Painting Your Living Room


Painting your living room requires thorough thought. It’s not an easy task. Here are just a few things to consider:


1) Choosing the perfect paint color. There are lots of choices to think about. You should pick a color that matches your personality. Do you like stripes, edging, decorations or just plain color? It can be tricky so you should never rush into picking the color or you’ll regret it in the end.


Lighting is a huge factor to consider. Try diverse shades – be it lighter or a darker. Test it first.


2) Fixing/Preparing the Walls. When you’re ready to paint, the walls are the next in line. That means cleaning it. If you have wallpapers, you will need to remove them. Remove any flaking paint by scraping them off. Cover the holes. Clean the walls. Remove any greasy spots, dirt and dust.


3) Trim needs to be taped, including door frames and windows. Oftentimes, they miss this step because it takes up a lot of time. Make sure you use a blue tape (painter’s). You need to remove it right away after painting just right before the wall become dry. This is so you don’t peel off the paint with it.


4) Make sure you take out all the items from your living room before you start painting. This includes furniture, accessories and rugs, if any.


5) Walls need to be primed. Walls tend to absorb lots of paint so if you don’t prime it, you will require various coats to achieve the best look. Others even use a second or third color of paint to get the look that they want.


6) Gather all the necessary supplies. Make sure the rollers, brushes, cloths, ladders, paint trays and other stuff.


7) Don’t forget to put down drop cloths. Even professional painters make mistakes. You don’t want to keep a paint mark on your floors should you inadvertently spill them.


Painting Your Wall


There are just a few simple steps to follow.


1) Paint the edges. When you are cutting in, it’s best to use a small paint container because it’s lighter to carry. Feather out the edges by using a brush.


2) The ceilings are next. Start cutting in along the lines then shift to the roller.


3) The walls, this time. Do one wall at a time by cutting in then you shift to the roller. Use a roller to start painting walls and ceilings. Dip just a little and reel on the grid to make it even. You can roll it in a zig-zag pattern. Overlay your lines.


4) Paint the Trim this time. This is done once the walls have dried completely. This is where you will apply the blue painter’s tape. Use a brush.


5) Lastly, clean up the tools that you used.


Would you agree if I say it gives us a feeling of accomplishment seeing a beautifully painted living room?


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