How to Paint Brick

Have you ever been to houses made of brick? Don’t they look stunning? Brick houses depict either an old look like old mansions and palaces, or a new look like the modern brick houses we see today. Paints add a lot to it. Bricks are more expensive. They are sophisticated, stylish and very durable that they could last over 80 years! When this happens, don’t you think it’s but proper to give them a new look? Yes! Painting bricks is an excellent choice to give your house a sensational appearance.

Why Paint Your Brick House?

Here are just a few good reasons why you should paint your brick house:

1. It will bring back the charisma of the place.
2. It brightens the room and makes it look very attractive. Old bricks pull out the light from the room.
3. You can blend the paint color of the brick to your surrounding and make it prominent.
4. Painting the brick house enhances its look and can increase its value if you resell it.

You need to make sure that the brick is dried before you start painting it. They need to be cleaned and let dry. Here are a few more tips in preparing to paint your brick.

1. Prepare your tools. What materials do you need? To name a few, use soap, paint roller, water, painter’s tape, paint brush, latex primer, Trisodium phosphate (if needed), drop cloths, wire brush and masonry. Use safety goggles and gloves as needed.
2. Thoroughly clean the brick by removing any white deposits or dirt on them.
3. Let it dry completely before you start painting it.
4. Make sure you check for any cracks or leaks.
5. Put a Painter’s tape on places you don’t want to paint.
6. Apply Primer. Use a roller or a brush to apply a coat of latex primer. You may add another layer of coat on parts that have been affected by mildew. Let it dry entirely before you continue.
7. Choose your paint. The best choice is using elastodynamic paint for brick. It is exceptional in terms of filling cracks other than stopping them from cracking. You can always use a regular acrylic latex paint for the exterior. It’s also a brilliant option since it’s designed to endure mildew and dissolves any moisture that it absorbs.

Painting Your Brick

Time to paint your brick house! The fastest and easiest way is to use the paint sprayer. You can use brush or rollers. Experts endorse gloss or semi-gloss paint. Either type highlights detail and it is also easier to clean as time passes by. Ensure to shove the paint into those tiny crevices and cracks.

Staining. This is used for bricks in garbed condition. It’s stress-free and quicker. Staining accentuates the material’s unique texture while painting does the contradictory. It is more expensive, yes, but a new color is produced without lasting risks related with painting bricks.

Important Tips and Tricks

1. Consider staining instead of painting. It works well If your brick is still in good condition.
2. Do not paint wet bricks or dented ones. It must be clean and dry before you start painting.
3. Fix and repair tiny crevices and cracks by using acrylic caulk before you start painting.
4. Don’t use acidic cleansers in cleaning bricks. It affects the end result of the paint job.

Overall, painting brick can be time-consuming and may even require professional help yet it can be rewarding once you see the final output. You’ll find it worth the effort seeing your newly-painted brick house, seeing that entirely new look!