Interior Painting Colour Ideas and Tips

One of the hardest decision that you will make when you paint a room in your house is what colour to go with. It’s not just as simple as deciding what your favorite colour for the room is. You have to factor in a bunch of other things if you want the best possible look for your home. Here are a few thoughts about choosing interior paint colours that you may not have considered and that may help you make your decision.


Going for Unity
Some people prefer to make their home look homogenous or unified with the colours they choose. For example, if your kitchen is blue, then perhaps your bedroom should be blue as well. Now, the beauty of unity in colour is that you don’t have to use the same shade over and over again. That could end up looking boring. Instead, you can use different shades from the same basic colour. So, you can go with baby blue for the bedroom and royal blue for the kitchen or some other combination that creates unity but never feels bland and boring.


Drawing Focus
Sometimes, homeowners will choose colour based on what they want to focus on in the room. For example, if you want your green couch to really stand out, you may paint the walls a yellow colour to provide contrast and to make the couch’s colour really pop. Or, if you you have a lot of red in your living room and you don’t want to draw to much attention to that, then you can go with another shade of red or a complimentary shade of yellow or orange for your walls to shift the focus away from all the red that is present. There are lots of ways you can go with this idea of focus, and you should experiment with a few of them on paper or in your head before you decide on the right combination of colours.


Think About the Lighting
If you have large windows and lots of natural light in the room you are painting, then you have to consider how the colour you choose for the walls and ceiling will look when exposed to natural light. It may not give off the same vibe you wanted it to once the windows are open and sunshine is pouring in.


You also have to consider the kind of artificial lighting you have set up in that room. If there is a lot of artificial light, or it is very harsh, then it can make for a different effect on the paint than you might be expecting. You have to take these factors into consideration to ensure that you get the perfect look from your paint.


Keep in mind that different kinds of paints will reflect the light in different ways, and you can play with the light effect by choosing the proper variety of paint for your home. These are super important points to remember when getting your house painted by professional home painters.


We hope these tips help you to make an informed decision on the colour you should choose for your home.


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