Is it Worth Having Your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Dublin?


Clean Carpets Mean a Happy Home

Getting your carpets cleaned can sometimes feel like a chore. It’s similar to deep cleaning your home. You don’t need to get it done that often but you should be investing in these services at least once every 12 months. The biggest issue is that most homeowners only get their carpets cleaned every few years and some never get them cleaned at all!

The idea that you only need carpet cleaning to remove stains or odours is completely wrong. There are many other excellent reasons. For example, the fibres of your carpets will hold large amounts of nasty stuff such as mould, mites, pollen and other items that can either smell bad, make your carpet look haggard or worse, contribute to allergies and other illnesses.

If you have purchased expensive carpeting then you’ll seriously need to consider regular professional cleaning to keep it looking its best. Otherwise you might find yourself needing to replace it after just a few years, which is a very costly proposition.

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How Often do you Need Carpet Cleaning

Most manufacturers and local cleaners, such as Emerald Carpet Cleaning Dublin, will say that at a bare minimum you should be getting a cleaning done every 12 – 18 months. This of course depends on a large number of factors such as what the material is, whether the area gets a lot of traffic and whether you have children or pets in the house. Some carpets might need a service every 6 months and in a commercial setting every 3 months might be wise.

Be aware that often, a condition of the manufacturer’s warranty is that regular carpet cleaning be carried out. Otherwise they may choose to void the guarantee.

The most durable carpet material

Without a doubt, if you need extremely hard wearing carpet, then nylon should be your first choice. The reason it is so strong is due to the science behinds its creation. There is a hydrogen molecule in the material of nylon. Professional carpet cleaning essentially re-energises this molecule causing nylon carpet to bounce back to its former shape.

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Using steam to clean carpets

The technical term for this method of getting your carpets cleaned is called hot water extraction. This is the most common type and for very good reason. Although most people refer to it as a form of steam cleaning this isn’t really the case. Hot water is applied at high pressure to the carpet fibres and then it gets sucked back up by a very powerful vacuum. This method gets deep into the fibres helping to dislodge even the most stubborn of stains and debris.

Emerald Carpet Cleaning Dublin specialises in this exact form of carpet cleaning and offers a professional service at affordable rates.

The two main types of hot water extraction machines are a portable one and a truck mounted unit. Truck mounted machines can cost well over €10,000 but absolutely provide the best type of carpet cleaning you can get. Not every company will have this setup however, due to the large investment needed. The benefits of a portable carpet cleaning machine are that you can bring it up into apartments and it can reach places that a hose from a truck simply cannot stretch to.

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Should You Clean Your Own Carpets?

Many people, turned off by the price getting their rug spotless, will attempt to DIY it. However this is often not recommended. If you just have a very small stain and you aren’t super eager to get it removed then it might be worth attempting to remove it on your own.

But for any stubborn stains or anything that requires cleaning over a large area of carpet, you should simply call the professionals. The reasons are, that store bought hardware is largely not up to the task and cleaning solutions you can buy in a store wont be as powerful as the ones a professional will have.

Carpet cleaning machines from the hardware store also won’t heat the water to as high a temperature resulting in a lower quality of cleaning. Finally, they also don’t have the powerful extraction needed to remove water and dirt form deep within the fibres.

There are also some other risks to think about. You maybe apply to much water to your carpet, causing it become damaged. In a severe case this could require full replacement of your carpet. It will also result in excessive drying time.

If you use the wrong solution or apply too much of it, you may also damage your carpet or make the stain even worse and harder to remove.

What is the Cost of Dublin Carpet Cleaning?

If you find the cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaner to be prohibitive, then there are some ways to reduce the price. First of all you can opt to have only the most visible and high trafficked areas of your home cleaned. It can often be a waste of money to clean underneath furniture where nobody will ever see. Alternatively, you can move around furniture yourself, making it faster for the company you hire, to clean your carpets. The faster they clean the less they will need to charge.

All in all its highly advised to seek the help from local upholstery stain removal experts.

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